“Empowering Albanian Mayors through peer to peer exchange program”

Kick-off Meeting @United Nations Development Programme – UNDP#Albania @STAR II
Association of Albanian Municipalities and Association of Local Autonomy of Albania for

Aiming to fulfill the scope of the assignment and ensure a comprehensive delivery of the required services, Albanian Association of Municipalities
has designed this proposal and will implement the activities in close cooperation with Association of Local Autonomy of Albania and the assigned

In response to the Request for Proposal, issued by the UNDP in Albania, the proposed action is designed to contribute to the improved leadership
behavior and organizational capabilities of top executive municipal officials (top executives, mayors and deputy – mayors), in all 61
Municipalities in Albania to broaden understand of the potential of their decisions and their social effects.

In addition to the existing capacity building programs focusing more on trainings and workshops providing theoretical aspects of leadership and management, the action will provide an alternative and combined leadership empowerment approach to bring mayors in the spotlight and encourage them to learn from practice and their peers.