Current projects under implementation

  1. LOCAL Policies for GREEN Energywill support Local Authorities to define and implement innovative local fiscal policies, intended to promote renewable energy sources (RES) both in the public and private sector and households.  Budget of the project is 2,013,423 € and AAM manages 10%.  Pilot municipalities are Kukes, Lezhe and Vau i Dejes.  Implementation period is 2016-2019.  Project is funded under INTERREG MED Programme.


  1. Flood and landslide assistance and trainingwill improve the protection from damage and mitigation of flood-prone and landslide areas.  Specific objectives are improvement of cross-border structures for responding in case of floods and landslides in the programme area, strengthening capacities of Rescue Services and creating integrated initiatives for floods and landslides preparedness and rescue in the programme area and creating multilevel plans and tools for improvement of protection and risk management in flood-prone and landslide areas in the programme area.  Budget of the project is 959, 073 € and AAM manages 15%.  Implementation period is 2018-2020.  Project is funded under IPA CROSS BORDER Italy – Albania – Montenegro.



  1. Mediterranean Diet – When Brand Meets Peopleschallenges the problems of currently neglected and undeveloped opportunities of Mediterranean Diet (MD). main objective is to strengthen exploration of the MD according the UNESCO Med Diet Convention, blending comprehensive MD concepts with innovative tools.  Budget of the project is 3 727 330 € and AAM manages 7%.  Implementation period is 2018-2022.  Project is funded under INTERREG MED Programme.


  1. Public awareness, Preparedness, Participation and Coordination for Civil Protection for Allexpected to contribute directly and immediately to the CB area and relate to the transfer of knowledge and exchange of good practice between CB partners, strengthening the cooperation between local authorities in the CB zone, raising awareness of local communities about the economic significance as well as the social significance of the support of CP for persons with disabilities, older persons and persons with reduced mobility in general, creation of added value to the local resources, new accessible disaster prevention and management facilities and services.  Budget of the project is 442,364 €and AAM manages 10%.  Implementation period is 2018-2020.  Project is funded under IPA CROSS BORDER Greece – Albania.



  1. Regional Capacity Development Networkaims at increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the water utilities in the South-East Europe, contributing to better service provision.  Implemented by a consortium led by NALAS and funded by SECO and GIZ.